phpMyAdmin Create Table

phpMyAdmin Create Table

MySQL Stored data in the table form or row-column format. So you have to create a table first in the phpMyAdmin interface.

Step 1 – To create a table you have to create a database first. After creating a database you have to write table name to the Name block and select the number of columns and than click on the “go” button.

phpMyAdmin Create Table
Fig.1 – phpMyAdmin Create Table

Step 2 – Now you have to put the column names and than select the data type.

Creation of  a column name
Fig.2 – Creation of a column name.

Step 3 – Then you have to create a primary key and click on the checkbox of the auto-increment(A.I Comments). Mostly we make “id” as a primary key.

Set the Table Row as Primary Key
Fig.3 – Set the Table Row as Primary Key.

Step 4 – Then you have to click on the save option. The below screenshot shows how you set the row of the table.

Table Created with Data
Fig.4 – Table Created with Data.

Step 5 – Here you table of a database will be created. And the below screenshot shows how the table looks like after creating.

Structure Of Created Table
Fig.5 – Structure Of Created Table.
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