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Data Alignment and its Significance in ARM

Data alignment refers to the storage of data at a location from where it takes the minimum number of operation cycles for the processor to read the data. The task execution process in a processor is basically divided into two parts; reading/writing the data and processing the data. And generally speaking,reading/writing the data is responsible […]

ARM Microcontroller History

In 1983, a company named ACORN was searching for a 16 bit microprocessor for their desktop machine. They were not satisfied with the existing processor in the market as the processor had slower memory accessing. The processor had complex instruction which took hundreds of cycle to execute, which also rose to high interrupt latency. At […]

How to Install KEIL IDE for ARM

 KEIL uVISION3   Go to the start up menu and click on the KEIL uVISION3 or click on the shortcut of KEIL uVISION 3 on desktop. 2. The following window can be seen on the screen. Now we need to make a new project. For that, we click on the Project→New Project. As you click […]
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