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Introduction to 8051 Microcontrollers

It is a 8 bit microcontroller from Intel. it is having four 8 bit I/O ports.  

Details of Port 0 of 8051 Microcontroller

It is a 8 bit port.   It requires pull-up register to operate properly because it is open source configuration.  

Introduction to Assembly Programming of 8051 Microcontroller

Hello Friends!! Over the years, the students have always faced a problem of learning Assembly level programming in a systematic manner. To overcome the same, Elex Tutorials has come up with this blog. We are here to share our knowledge of assembly programming on 8051 Microcontrollers which we have gained over the years. To begin […]

How to Use 8051 IDE Assembler

How to use 8051 IDE? We open this tool by following the procedure given below. Start->Programs-> 8051 IDE. The following window will unfold in front of you. Click on ‘New’ to open a new editor. Write the program code in the editor. Click on the ‘Assemble’ tab on Menu Bar and select ‘Assemble’ from the […]

Interfacing of 8051 Microcontroller with LCD

Interfacing-of-8051-Microcontroller-with-LCD Introduction to Interfacing of 8051 Microcontroller with LCD Interfacing of 8051 microcontroller with LCD is one of the very important step in learning the hardware and programming of the microcontroller 8051 based project. Many microcontroller based project required to communicate with the alphanumeric LCD. the most popular alphanumeric LCD is the 16×2 alphanumeric LCD. In […]
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