Instruction Set

An instruction set covers a number of aspects such as instructions, addressing modes, interrupts, exceptions, registers, etc. This instruction set plays a major role in the programming of a system. And this programming decides the working behaviour of various I/O ports. Talking about the instructions, they are of following types.

  • Data handling and memory operation instructions:
  1. Move data – This is used to move data to memory from registers and vice versa.
  2. Read/write data – This is used to read/write data on memory, registers and I/O ports.
  3. Set – A fix value on registers.
  • Arithmetic and logical instructions:
  1. Add, subtract, multiply and divide.
  2. AND, OR, EXOR, NOT and SHIFT operations.
  3. Compare operation.
  • Control flow operation:
  1. Branch operation
  2. Conditionally branch operation
  3. Indirectly branch operation

We can basically divide instruction set into following two versions:

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