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Introduction to 8051 Microcontrollers

???????????????????????????????????? It is a 8 bit microcontroller from Intel. it is having four 8 bit I/O ports.  

What do you mean by Bootloader

???????????????????????????????????? A boot loader is a small program that runs before operating system. When a computer is switched on , a small program is executed that is stored in ROM along with some small data, needed to access the non volatile devices such as operating system and now the data can be loaded into RAM. The […]

What do you mean by Watchdog Timer

???????????????????????????????????? Watchdog timer is a device that is used to prevent the system from false functioning. This WATCHDOG TIMER trigger various kind of command to protect system from committing error. All such act that a WATCHDOG TIMER executes in order to safeguard the system from doing any mistake are known as Corrective measures. Along with correcting […]

What do you mean by Shared Resource

???????????????????????????????????? Those resources or devices in a processor that are accessed by different instructions at various times during the operation cycle are known as Shared resources. A shared resource can be any device in a system such as memory, printer, register etc. During the execution of complex set of instruction we need to protect our shared […]

Instruction Set

???????????????????????????????????? An instruction set covers a number of aspects such as instructions, addressing modes, interrupts, exceptions, registers, etc. This instruction set plays a major role in the programming of a system. And this programming decides the working behaviour of various I/O ports. Talking about the instructions, they are of following types. Data handling and memory operation […]

What is the difference between RISC vs CISC

???????????????????????????????????? CISC CISC is a self explanatory term that works towards making the instruction more complex in order to reduce the semantic gap lying between the instruction and machine codes. This complex instruction is a sequence of numerous critical operations. And hence number of clock cycles is taken for the execution of one single instruction. The […]

What do you mean by Context Switching

???????????????????????????????????? Context is basically the state or situation of any particular event .when this word is used in technical terms then it refers to the state of the instruction or thread or task or any mode. Context switching can be defined as the storing of the current state of any thread to be performed at a […]
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